August 22, 2017


Are you born with talent ? Have you planned a bright future with your videos on You Tube and other channels? Fond of fan following? Fantastic! Mega Vision will digitize you. We will create promotional videos for you to help you reach your destination fast and across borders within a short time. Share your feelings and content with us and leave the rest to us. We will launch your video as you want them to be. All video services at reasonable rates from our side and your popularity as a brand! Simply you will say Wow. We will digitize your content wand will coordinate with you at each and every step. Video production services with us Mega Vision provides all services of production assistance, recording, and promotional packages for your audio and video. To quote:

♠  Scriptwriting for your audio and videos
♠  Developing concept and stories for videos
♠  Creative direction
♠  Color Correction
♠  Editing of video/audio, Visual Effects, Music Scoring, Motion Graphic
♠  Consulting services
♠  How to instructional videos
♠  Testimonial audios and videos
♠  Branding of videos and audios
♠  Project management
♠  Marketing messages
♠  Promotional material
♠  You Tube and iTunes

Mega Vision goes beyond your expectations and extends its area of services and brings applicable solutions including video conferences, guest speaker video recording, audio and video editing using the software, lectures and events recording, converting your existing video and audio into digital format and making it available on-line, content generation for your group, class or any other event.

We would make you a brand. Let your heart sing and share your voice with us. Let your feels come out and cross the boundaries. Sounds and voices are sans frontiers. Tune your voice with our technical expertise and content creation abilities and rock the world. Contact us today. We are waiting for you.